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Council Areas

Community Council Areas.
Area A
Dunlough, Toor, Gortbrack, Gortnacarriga, Clogher, Lissagriffin, Cannawee, Corran More, Corran Beg,
Cloghane, Caher, Carrigeenour, Oughtminee, Carrigacurriheen, Carrigmanus, Knockatassorig
Area B
 Ballyvoge More, Ballyvoge beg, Dough, Letter, Lackenakea, Mallavoge, Ballynaule, Crookhaven,
 Leenane, Killane, Arduslough, Tooreen, Kilbarry, Galenane,  Knockeenagearagh, Castlemehigan,
 Knockagallane, Shanavally and Rock Island.
Area C
Including the townlands of Callaros Oughter, Callaros Eighter, Boulysallagh, Goleen and Spanish Cove
Area D
Gortnagashel, Balteen, Cloghaneculleen, Carrigacat and Milleen, Cloghanalehid, Kilbrown, Lackavaun,
Gortduve, Corelacka, Dunkelly West, Dunkelly Middle and Dunkelly East.
Area E
Including the townlands of Ballydevlin, Kealfadda, Ballyrisode, Enaghoughter West and Enaghoughter East.
Area F
Including the townlands of Dunmanus West, Dunmanus East, Knockeens, Gortyowen, Barnatonicane,
Toormore, Altar and Cove
Area G
Derryleary, Castlepoint, Beakeen, Ballybrack, Gunpoint, Lowertown, Knock, Drinane, Balteen, Leamcon,
Kilpatrick, Garranes and Caheravirane
Area H
Ballyvonane, Kilcomane, Cashelfean, Drishane, Derryfunshion, Caherolickane, Coompanna, Mauladinna,
Lackareagh, Rathouragh, Lissacaha North, Lissacaha and Arderrawinny.

Goleen Parish from Lowertown west to Mizen Head, south to Crookhaven and north to Dunbeacon is one of the most unspoiled parts of Ireland. Our mission is to ensure that the various needs of the community, the farmer, the tourism providers, the visitors and the environment are developed harmoniously.


Goleen & District Community Council spans the Mizen Peninsula incorporating the District Electoral Divisions of Crookhaven, Goleen, Toormore, Dunmanus and Lowertown. This is Ireland's most southwesterly peninsula.


The Community Council was first formed at the beginning of 1999 after a Steering Committee had begun the procedure in late 1998 assisted by Muintir na Tire.


The Council is made up of 2 members each from 8 districts, elected democratically by all residents over 18. The members are representatives of various local organisations. The Council is a member of Muintir na Tire. The Council is sub-divided into three sub-committees, which report back to the main committee. Meetings are held once a month with an AGM every year and elections every three years.


The Community Council has become a focus for development pulling together local voluntary projects with national and county funding. Issues from all the townlands are raised for the electorate.

Current Issues:

The future development of the area incorporating the natural aesthetics and a higher standard of all services is our goal. The improvement and upgrade of the water supply and sewage treatment in Goleen and Crookhaven are of great importance. The upgrading of roads is a priority. The infrastructure has to be developed to allow the community to thrive and grow. Planning permissions have to be granted for local people to live on their own land in the area. We have to be allowed to live and grow our own heritage for future generations, not to be held in a time warp, acting as caretakers of the scenery for visitors from overcrowded cities. We need more public housing in Goleen and Crookhaven.


The Goleen & District Community Council is the only local body that has representation from every area of the community and has brought locals, long term residents, the retired, the youth and all the local organisations into a co-ordinated effort to help one another to thrive and develop well into the 21st Century