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Since 2002 these are some of the achievements of the Council

The main achievement has been the purchase of lands to create a community pitch with sports hall. In a concerted fundraising effort over six months €260,000 was collected. Together with LOTTO funding this has enabled the Community Council to bring forward the projections for completion by at least a year. Goleen Community Centre Sports Field is now in use and the Sports Hall is almost complete. (July 2006)

The Community Council has applied for and been given €11,000 to undertake projects under the Village Renewal Scheme 2004. A stonewall has been constructed on either side of the road at the entrance to Goleen village and the pathway round the village has been started with the section from Church Road to the main road.

In 2005 (9000 euro) and 2006 (5000 euro) village renewal money plus CLAR funding (7500 euro) paid for an extension of public lighting on the roads approaching Goleen Community Centre; 2000 euro village renewal + 1200 GDCC funding in 2006 for public lighting extension in Crookhaven. 5000 euro village renewal funding for Lowertown stonewall extension along road towards Statue.

Funded a village sign in the form of a very large stone inscribed 'An Goílin Goleen The Mizen Village' which has been put at the entrance to the village

Work by volunteers has been assisted with funding at graveyards in Dunbeacon (clearance), Kilmoe (car parking) and Kilnahangel (work has been undertaken in conjunction with local volunteers, the Community Council and Cork County Council to widen the road, take out a bad bend and provide parking) Part funded by GDCC.

Lighting was provided at The Altar Church, Toormore, part funded by the Community Council

Pathway from the main road to sea cleared and made at Toormore (funding from Cork County Council and the Community Council).

Community Playground in Calnan Park, Goleen (Funded by First Community Council in conjunction with Cork County Council)

Christmas Trees and Lights in Toormore, Lowertown, Crookhaven and Goleen.

Annual Festival in Goleen and Crookhaven 3 day event in August

In conjunction with West Cork LEADER, the Rural Worker's Scheme has provided work for three local farmers.

Helped to negotiate the release of 4.9 million euro for the Schull Water Scheme

Helped get a Garda and a Priest appointed to Goleen

Got major water improvements for Goleen

Helped in getting traffic calming lines at Lowertown and the Goleen-Durrus Road

Got road signs for Toormore and Lowertown

Part funded Toormore slipway and path

Organised new bus to collect children from Schull National School at 2pm daily.

Helped get Bantry Rural Bus to Goleen and Schull

Funded car park widening in Kilmoe Graveyard

Helped with Jerry Carey Memorial Walk Year 1 for the Community Field, Year 2 for the Liam O'Brien fund, Year 3 for the family of the Fire disaster in Schull, Year 4

Part funded Dunbeacon Graveyard improvements

Submitted planning document to Draft Development Plan

Got double yellow lines for Ballyrisode road

Helped get the bad bend taken out at Lissacaha cross

Got steps put in Castlepoint pier for access to beach.

Part funded wall building at Lowertown

Part funded improvements to Michael John Mclean Memorial at Lowertown

Helped to remove bad bends at Lowertown, Drinane, and Cove Road

Cork County Council Projects

Improvements to the water scheme in Goleen

Lengthening and improvement of Goleen Pier and Slipway.

Barleycove Environmental Conservation project