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Goleen & District Community Council spans the Mizen Peninsula incorporating the District Electoral Divisions of Crookhaven, Goleen, Toormore, Dunmanus and Lowertown. Goleen village, the focal point, is situated 14 miles from the village of Schull and over 80 miles from Cork City. One of the peripheral peninsulas along the West Cork coastline, it is endowed with spectacular scenery, but also the inherent problems of such areas - poor land, residue effects of emigration, limited employment opportunities and a decline in the primary sectors such as agriculture and fishing


The total population of the five District Electoral Divisions (DEDs) is 1340, according to the 2002 census compared with 1273 in the 1996 census. From 1991 to 1996 there was evidence of a population at a standstill; in the 5 years to 2002 there is a growth in population. Significantly in 2002 there were 304 children between 0-14 years (23%). For the future we will develop our area for growth, putting in place the facilities/amenities that will enhance our vibrant community and encourage others to live here permanently.

With wireless broadband and distance working, employment opportunities do not have to be rooted in the area necessarily. The main advantage we have in the modern world is a safe and healthy environment for children. Our focus is to recruit young families to live here

Tourism has been an important employment base for forty years though it still has a very seasonal nature. There are many natural draws for visitors with the scenery, beaches and heritage. Amenities have been developed as well.

Since 1994 Mizen Tourism Co-operative Society Ltd. has successfully developed the now automated Mizen Head Signal Station into a major tourist attraction, investing a further 750,000 euro in 2001 through funding from Bord Failte/ERDF, West Cork LEADER Co-operative, Cork County Council, National Millennium Fund and an AIB loan. This project was also awarded in the Rural Tourism Small Business Enterprise section of the National AIB & Irish Farmers' Journal Rural Tourism Awards. The Centre attracts over 60,000 visitors a year (in 2003, 47846 visitors paid to go over the Bridge, but many more people visit but do not pay to go down)

A pontoon and moorings were constructed in Crookhaven in 1998 to enhance water-based activities (part funded by West Cork LEADER).

Barleycove Beach Project was developed by Cork County Council to conserve he dunes. A pontoon bridge, boardwalk and car park has opened up the main beach.

Some piers and slipways have been resurfaced and improved


There are a number of shops, pubs, restaurants and guesthouses servicing the area. There are a hotel and apartments at Barleycove. A bus service runs to and from Cork twice daily, The Bantry Rural transport bus goes to Bantry twice a week. There is a surgery/health centre, Garda Barracks and mobile library service. Sheltered housing has been provided in the village through the Community Care group. Primary education is available in the National Schools at Goleen and at Lissigriffin. The nearest secondary school is Schull Community College.

Voluntary Activity:

Approximately 20 groups are active in the area ranging from GAA, ICA, Preschool Playgroup, Bowling Association, Mizen AFC to an Active Retirement Association and the IFA. Both the Irish Coast Guard and Inshore Rescue groups provide an invaluable service for this large stretch of coastline. Mizen Tourism Co-operative Society Ltd. has been active and successful in securing funding to develop the Visitor Centre.

Population of each Province, County, City, urban area, rural area and Electoral Division,
courtesy CSO 1966 & 2002                
District 1996 2002 Change in population Area*
1996-2002 (hectares)
Persons Persons Males Females Actual Percentage  
312  Crookhaven 222 250 126 124 28 12.6 2,455
313  Dunbeacon 204 213 106 107 9 4.4 2,510
314  Dunmanus 202 197 101 96 -5 -2.5 2,411
315  Goleen 248 260 139 121 12 4.8 1,781
317  Lowertown 219 206 105 101 -13 -5.9 1,227
319  Toormore 178 214 117 97 36 20.2 1,572
Total 1273 1340 694 646 67 33.6 11956
  Persons, males and females in each Province, County, City, urban area,  
  rural area and Electoral Division classified by age group, 2002  
Age Group Total 0-14 yrs 15-24 yrs 25-44 yrs 45-64 yrs 65 yrs & over  
312   Crookhaven 250 56 23 64 71 36  
313   Dunbeacon 213 61 21 62 43 26  
314   Dunmanus 197 39 13 53 51 41  
315   Goleen 260 51 33 54 59 63  
317   Lowertown 206 64 20 53 37 32  
319   Toormore 214 33 24 55 61 41  
Total 1340 304 134 341 322 239