Goleen Community Garden

“Growing Our Community” is a new initiative by the G&DCC

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If you would like to volunteer in the garden, follow what’s going on or attend some of the planned events you can join for free by signing up at the dedicated website at Goleen Community Garden 

The Goleen Community Garden have been awarded a €1000 Grant from Energia and GIY to help us start up your garden.

The G&DCC have made a 460 square meter grass area near the existing polytunnels available for the Community Garden Project. The plot slopes down to the tunnels and has a shallow layer of top soil.

A meeting was held at the end of January and it was decided to divide the area into a food crop area and an ornamental area.

It is hoped to attract a good cross section of members of all age groups, genders and levels of experience.

The local environment is very precious to our community as we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in Ireland and arguably in Europe. Members of the group have indicated that they would like to include plants that attract the local fauna including butterflies, bumble bees, hoverflies as well as the huge variety of birds that this area boasts.

The group intends to provide a learning environment and will be organising a number of talks and presentations on subjects proposed by the members of the group.