The Goleen Festival Presents Catherine Cunningham

The Goleen Summer Festival is delighted to announce that Singer/Songwriter and Story Teller Catherine Cunningham will open this year’s festival with a special concert at the Barleycove Hotel on Thursday 9th August at 8.30pm. Catherine is originally from Athea in West Limerick, she developed her sound while travelling in North America and finally returned to Ireland and discovered the delights of West Cork where she is now based.

She has been described as being as unpredictable as the roads she has travelled, her songs twist and unravel through the most unexpected of landscapes, to paint pictures and stories full of longing, humour and power. Mischievious and highly irreverent, her performances are intimate affairs, where the audience is regaled with songs and stories of the road.

Catherine will be performing material from her new show and 4th album “Bothering the Dead.”

Tickets will be available on the door or pre-booked from your local Community Councillor (€12)

Mizen AFC Reach Finals

Mizen AFC 3 Bunratty United 2 (Aet)

Gerald O’Callaghan and Darren O’Donovan were the hero’s last Sunday week, firing Mizen to an extra time victory over local rivals Bunratty in the semi final of the Parkway Cup. As always, Pat Moynihan had the pitch at the Goleen Community Centre looking better then Croke Park. David Farrell, David O’Leary, Sean Sheehan and Peter Sheehan excelled in midfield.

Ronan Kennedy’s safe hands at the high ball and the defensive quartet of Paudie Reidy, James Scully, Daniel O’Callaghan and Andy McCarthy denied Bunratty’s impressive forward line to very few clear cut chances but despite this, twice Mizen found themselves behind, but Darren equalized on both occasions after being assisted by Gerald and Captain Patrick Scully! And, roles reversed, in the second half of extra time, Darren assisted Gerald and deservedly sent Mizen through.

Thanks to all our sponsors, especially The Lobster Pot Bar who sponsored the fixture.

Mizen Reach Soccer Semi Finals

Semi Final vs Bunratty United on Sunday May 27th in Goleen at 2pm.

Mizen AFC who defeated Dunmanway Town to advance to the semi-final of the Parkway Hotel/Maybury Coaches Cup

Dunmanway Town ‘A’   0   Mizen AFC  1

Ger O’Callaghan had a few near misses before he hit the target but when he did, the only goal of the game in the 62ndminute, not alone produced a knockout blow but also a surprise result.  In this Parkway Hotel/Maybury Coaches Cup quarterfinal the First Division side showed scant respect for their Premier opponents who may have played some excellent football but for all that might well have suffered an even bigger defeat. With sheer persistence allied to no little skill Mizen once again raised their game when the occasion demanded but wasting a few clear cut scoring opportunities they had to wait for a while before delivering the mortal blow.

The goal when it came was simply executed in a move where a throw in from Drinagh Rangers import Andy McCarthy was flicked on by Patrick Scully to where Ger O’Callaghan lurked and this time the finish was clinical.  They had to rebuff periods of prolonged pressure from the losers thereafter but all the while showed that they had the ability to create an opening just as they did in the very early stages of an excellent contest. Ger O’Callaghan was again the player involved as he ghosted in from the left flank only to be denied by agile Town ‘keeper David Mawe.  The play anywhere losers’ veteran was once more to display his versatility in a position that’s inbred in his DNA and one save in the closing half produced one of the highlights of the game.

Long before that we had seen most of the play flow in the direction of the Mizen goal but surprisingly capable ‘keeper Ronan Kennedy hadn’t a whole lot to do.  In fact his first real save of note came in the opening attack of the resumption when a Jamie Carroll free-kick tested him, (a little).  Try as they might Town failed to adorn excellent approach play with a goal earlier on when aided by the cold breeze.  The Mizen defence was resolute with Daniel O’Callaghan making sure they kept their ‘shape’ while James Scully was the first to pass his defenders test with an early goal saving tackle.  One by one the rest all did their bit while together they formed an impenetrable bond to keep their citadel from being breached. During a protracted period of Town pressure Barry O’Donovan headed over while the losers’ also served up a plethora of corners and Stephen Collins almost got in on the end of a splendid Tim Healy delivery.

All that and more when David Farrell was at his best for the besieged winners who had the combative David O’Leary, Andy McCarthy and Patrick Scully also to the fore.  Neither were the Sheehan’s, Peter, on the left wing and Sean on the right flank shirking their responsibilities during this time of need.  Paudie Scully was solid rather than spectacular as he played his role in a team effort that was praiseworthy. Town’s attempt to stay in the reckoning was just as laudable with Pa McCarthy partnering Stephen O’Donovan in the spine of a defence where John Healy mixed up his codes at one stage. Nearing the end of the half a Mizen break, from a Ronan Kennedy clearance sent Ger O’Callaghan clear only for the striker’s lobbed effort to carry just over. In the final piece of the opening half action a strong Tim Healy surge had Daniel O’Callaghan on his toes to keep it scoreless at the break.

The third quarter was possibly Mizens’ best as they strode forward confidently in pursuit of a goal.  This almost came early on when a powerful Patrick Scully surge ended with a delivery that Seán Sheehan very nearly connected withat the far post.  Then a Town defensive mix-up allowed the winners through for a goal only for it to be disallowed for offside while a John Healy intervention was followed by a fantastic David Mawe save that denied Ger O’Callaghan an almost certain goal.  As events transpired these were but stays of execution given that the Mizen winner arrived soon after.  When it did it was enthusiastically greeted by the underdogsbut time was still on the loser’s side in their efforts to get an equaliser.  Try as they did Town failed to get on terms and in fact Mizen was the team who continued to threaten on the break.  Ten minutes from the end Peter Sheehan did have to clear a Town corner off the line at one end while Seán Sheehan fired over at the other.  That and lots more as the contest drew to a close with a reshuffled losers giving it everything in a bid to force extra time, but it was not to be.

Dunmanway Town; D Mawe, R Coakley, J Healy, S O’Donovan, P McCarthy, T Healy, J Carroll, C O’Donovan, C Daly, S Collins, B O’Donovan.  Sub D Ring.

Mizen AFC; R Kennedy, J Scully, D O’Callaghan, P Downey, D Farrell, S Sheehan, P Scully, A McCarthy, D O’Leary, P Sheehan, G O’Callaghan.

Subs Andrew O’Connor, John Supple, Brian Clarke, Chris Kennedy.

Referee; A McDermott, WCL.

Free Seeds and Rock Painting

The Goleen Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Community Centre on Saturday and it gave us the first real opportunity to show people the new Community Garden. To be honest there is not a lot to see at the moment, the weather has not been really suitable for gardening, cold and wet mostly, but we were lucky to have a lovely sunny day.

We put a couple of tables down at the bottom of the garden near the fence and I got some pots, compost and various bulbs and sunflower seeds for some of the Egg Hunters to have a go at planting. We now have 40 pots with bulbs planted which I hope will give a bit of colour to the garden in the summer. The kids and some parents put their names on the pots so they will be able to see their contribution and hopefully feel like part of the garden. We also have a load of sunflowers planted, as a kid I loved these bright sunny flowers towering over head and turning to face the sun. One French lady told me that they are called Tournesols (Sun turned) in France, how very appropriate.

On the other table we set up some painting gear, brushes, paints, water etc and invited our visitors to paint some rocks. The table got messier and messier as the day wore on but we do have a lovely new colourful rock garden.

I was delighted we had so many volunteers to help out including teenagers who were great in encouraging the planting and painting.

A rare quiet moment as the Egg Hunter watched a movie

We put up a few of the new “Adopt a Pots,” and they provided some colour sat on the fence. We have 42 pots adopted so far and it is very encouraging and a bit overwhelming to see so much support from local businesses, shops, pubs, restaurants as well as local individuals, summer residents and even those now living abroad and reconnecting all helping and sharing with us in this new project.

The Celtic spiral design I cut into the turf attracted a lot of interest and the kids loved running round it. Seeing the kids interact with the design make me think we need a few more ideas in the garden to get kids to explore, a textured path might be an idea. We will also need to leave a space for the kids to roll down the hill which seemed a very popular activity with the younger ones.

The garden is a very new project but I was so delighted to see it being used and the sounds of laughter were very rewarding, seating is also going to be an important challenge so parents can sit and chat while the kids explore.

Bulb planting, fun for all the family

I haven’t managed to get the potatoes into the vegetable part of the garden yet as there have been a few frosts at night but I will take the plunge this week as the potatoes are well chitted at this point and really need to get under ground.

So thank you to all those who helped with the sowing and painting and to all the families that used the garden, I am feeling very confident that we will continue to Grow The Community together.

Liam’s Tales: A Fine Spring Evening on Barleycove

7:10pm View around Barleycove this evening after doing walk through the dunes met few rabbits about the place not many just a few…

Forecast says rain on way and looking at this you would have to say that they are spot on with prediction let’s hope it moves swiftly past us…

Must say this was yet another beautiful day be out and about not hint shower anytime at all roads very busy good see so many around enjoying fine weather…

7:16pm Here we are looking out over bay towards Mizen Head and sea so calm looking don’t think they be much bad weather ahead…

Love view you get from here as you look down on beach and when furze bushes blossom later in year then that make for real nice picture…

Great see Munster beat Toulon reach semi – final of European Cup listened on radio here by beach great game and good commentator sure twas like watching on TV listening to him…

7:24pm Looking at sun right there you would have to say it’s very sunken and sad looking sure sign that rain not far away…

7:37pm You really begin feel night chill in air this time evening sure not long more now and another day ends and good day it was no matter what you were doing..

Fine moonlit night outside but real cold nip in air temp only 2.5c with breeze from an Easterly direction would think they be frost later if things stay like this… Off now watch Match of Day on BBC so that’s all its bye for now and goodnite from here

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Liam & Us All

Hiya 2all my friends… I would like wish you all very Happy St Patricks Day, it’s nearly 2am, fine calm clear starry night outside temp at 7c.

I got my weekly Irelands Own magazine, it’s a great read, lots nice stories, some true and others like fiction in way. Good see Kitty The Hare back, she always has a funny story, not forgetting Miss Flanagan best detective around, she always get problems sorted and lots St Patrick memories and Cassidy Says looking back on his memories, always interesting is he and whole lot other stuff also like I say tis great read week not same without it.

Really looking forward to having a few ice creams in morning as you can break your Lent on this special day, might have bit Chocolate and few bags crisp, also doing great so far never any day had a big urge to break our Lenten fast.

Good to see that our Cafe in Goleen has re-opened again for season and we wish Sara – Jane and Colin well, it’s a great addition to have something like this when people visit the place.

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

Looking forward to Rugby and seeing us beat England at home to win Grand Slam, last time we done this was in 1948 so it’s about time we won again, that’s to beat England in last game series to win outright and I hope Nemo win All Ireland Club Football Final also, then that would make it perfect day but anyway whatever happens we looking forwards to them anyway.

That’s all again wish you all very happy St Patricks day and hope you have great weekend

Liam’s Tales: A Trip Up The Mountain

6:05pm Got up here on what was beautiful evening after fab day bit of cool breeze but at same time twas pleasant evening up here.

June 23rd Saint John’s Eve people long ago would climb up here on that evening as sun was setting and kneel besides cross and say their prayers often heard my Father on about this twas still big thing when he was young God bless ‘em all now.

There is Holy Well at foot hill about 150 yards down and tradition back then you said decade Rosary as you climbed from Well to Cross and repeated this till all 5 decades said hill very steep here but they had path made winding sideways from all use still parts this visible to this day.

Years ago circle stones here around cross many them have fallen down but amazing thing cross has never moved Saint Ciaran’s Mother supposed be buried here not sure but think he was around at time Saint Patrick that’s going back long way.

6:21pm Have moved west further on hill get better view sunset its been long time since up here better make most of it God only knows when we here again

That’s Dunlough Bay in distance where sun disappears being when day here is done.

6:26pm such a beautiful clear sky would give us hope that another fine day on way in morning well suppose time will tell but it looks that way from here right now.

Have to say view from here on an evening like this makes all climbing worthwhile it’s just shame tidal stream not in full twud only add picture anyway we get that another time.

6:38pm Last peep of sun up here this evening as another day ends it’s been great day here and we now looks forwards to what next day brings us.

Bang in centre of Dunlough Bay sun sets this time years besides Stone Circle what wonderful view no doubt its great place be buried if only access was easier.

7:05pm As we make our way back via Ardsolough this view of Crookhaven with Fastnet Rock Light Beam getting stronger by minute as night air falls over place real chill about place as we move along.

Nearly 1am on what’s fine clear starry night outside not puff wind but cold air temp only 1c reckon they be lots frost before morning hope not.

That’s all so its bye for now and goodnite from here

Discovering the Mizen

There have been many attempts to better organise tourism in this area, tourism is a major employer and we all need jobs but what the Mizen Peninsular has to offer is a rare commodity that is not easily summed up with glossy brochures. West Cork is A Place Apart which is a clever way of saying the usual rules may not apply here. Things are slow to change; trends and fashions have little impact to an area steeped in traditional ways. You often hear of West Cork time, things do take a little longer when you stop and chat with your neighbours, friends and visitors.

Part of the charm of this unique corner of Ireland is things move a little slower; you need time to appreciate the scenery, to watch the sunset and listen to the birds. Visitors regularly return, some have been returning their whole lives and some have never left. In a world full of hi tech and virtual experience the Mizen offers an alternative. Real adventures on sea and land, witnessing a whale breaking the surface or a chough swirling across the skyline, the waves breaking over the sand or even just sharing a wonderful lunch with friends, the Mizen offers time and a connection with life that is ever so precious.

Three local Facebook sites, Goleen, Ballydehob and Schull have got together to try and help those who need a bit of  little Mizen magic in their lives. Discover Mizen Peninsula hopes to enable those who spend time in the virtual world discover what we have plenty of……..

Growing the Community: Tree Planting Week

A Magnificent Hawthorn Tree in spring

The new Goleen Community Garden Scheme “Growing the Community” are having a Tree Planting Event at the Goleen & District Community Centre on Sunday 11th March as part of National Tree Planting Week. Eight native trees will be planted by representatives of all 8 districts as part of the new boundary hedge, which will act as protection against the wind and as a food resource for our local birds. Hawthorn (Whitethorn) is a native tree that provides blossom in spring and red haw berries in autumn and they will also be planting Crab Apples which many local birds adore. The event will take place at 2pm and all are invited to come along and show support.

The Community Garden were delighted when recently they were presented with an award by Energia and GIY to help start the garden and enable the community to plant food crops, ornamentals and a range of local native trees and plants. You can keep up to date with their plans and activities or become part of the scheme at their website


They also have an Audio Diary with regular updates from project co-ordinator Owen Kelly.

Liam’s Tales: Springing into Action

This was best day of spring so far (5th March) with temp at 11.5c for few hours great for thawing things out and few more days like this and grass growth start big time…. Good meeting about Road Races in Dennys Pub this evening things going good we have 5 races and 15 horses in total that’s not bad 3 races x3 horses: 1 race x4 horses: and 2 horses in other race… March 11th races at Causeway road closed from 12- 5pm looking forward to day out hope its nice day and good crowd come enjoy day…

5:10pm Few views towards Crookhaven this evening as we made our way towards Ardsolough get view sunset…

Love stop here take in view especially on evening like this temp 7c water so peacefull and calm looking…

Had drive down to shop earlier get few things but forgot they close every Monday pm this time year but we had walk about place anyway while away sometime on this fab evening…

Enough of this for now off we go now get view sun as its sets lots dark clouds about but you have be positive and hope they clear out way as day ends..

6:26pm Here we are on top of Ardsolough looking out over caravan park with Brow Head in background snow out there now but a memory…

Still lots snow top mountain here in places sure we glad see this it makes up for not seeing proper sunset here this evening anyway we call again another time and get good view sunset when no clouds about…

That’s all hope get up for sunrise in morning so its bye for now and goodnite from here