Meanwhile in The Community Garden……

Something is buzzing down at the Goleen Community Garden and it is not
only the bees. For those of you who haven’t heard, a small plot of land at the community centre is gradually being turned into a new and exciting project
promoting our local environment. The garden received a start up award from Grow It Yourself (GIY) & Energia in January and ever so slowly the garden has begun to take shape. Our 8 local districts were represented at a tree planting ceremony, the display of sunflowers that have bloomed most of the summer were planted by the kids at the Easter Egg Hunt and there are over 40 pots sitting on the fence provided by local businesses, members of our local community as well as pots commemorating the memory of those who have passed, all reminding us of what a supportive community we have around Goleen.
It is almost impossible for me to mention all the support and help that our community are giving to this project and there is always a danger that
someone will be left out but I do have to acknowledge the likes of Diarmuid at Goleen Development who recently delivered a huge pile of top soil, Ritchie at West Cork Engineering who is helping with various projects, coffee grounds from  Sarah Jane at the cafe, our local woodwork wizard Andrew Jepson and of course our own local Community Council. Bob and his tractor, Mary and her donkeys who provided, well you can guess what they provided!
We have had so much advice and encouragement and it is all so welcome. There have been visits by all ages from the play group playing nature Bingo to members of the social centre curious to see where some of their veg comes from.
We recently were asked if the RTE TV Program Grow, Cook, Eat could come
and visit us as they would like to feature the garden in one of their shows
and this has brought even more energy to the garden and a push to get
some of the ongoing projects completed. We are in the process of building
some raised beds for members to grow veg next spring and Claire ran one of her table quizzes that is enabling us to get the specialised recycled plastic wood needed. We have room for 6 beds and have raised enough for 4, the word got out and Mark at Barleycove Hotel and Michael our local TD gave us the rest of what was needed to order all 6. Filming takes place on October 3rd so we will have to get our skates on
We have native trees from Matt at Goleen Harbour, heathers from Noah at Deelish’s to be planted, a couple of raspberries from Neelog to be picked, oh sorry I might have eaten them already, plants from Kor the Coastguard Gardener, Adam and Kloe from 2 Green Shoots are helping with selecting suitable native species, we have horticultural expert Michael from West Cork Campus and oh so much more.
This is truly a wonderful community with so much talent and ability. Mary the new National School Principal is rallying her troops with Judi Ann and her clutch at the playgroup, ideas from Foroige, rumours that those maidens of mayhem might be a yarn bombing again, keep an eye out you just don’t know what’s happening down in the garden or check out our Facebook Page if the weather is bad.
Sod It Blog
I write a personal blog about my life and garden and I recently posted one about the garden and a fellow garden blogger Judy from the US (New England Garden And Thread) just got in touch and made a donation towards a bench for our garden, hands across the ocean it is an amazing world we live in these days!
I know we have probably left some out but it really is difficult to keep on top of it all thank you Goleen. One final mention to one of our regular members and our resident bee lady Mairead, thank you so much for all your help digging lazy beds, picking rocks and your company and laughter in the garden and we wish you every future happiness in your upcoming marriage.
We also have an audia blog along with some photos from the garden on Youtube you can have a listen in to what’s going on in the garden HERE
If you would like to get involved or have any ideas please get in touch either through the FB page or give me a call 0831372013, the garden gate is always open.
Owen Kelly

A Visit from the Neighbours

On last Wednesday evening outside Norma’s Corner House Bar in Goleen the Irish Tricolour and the US Star Spangled Banner hung side by side as inside a  warm welcome was being made for a Delegation from the Government of Maine led by Commissioner for Economics Ms Denise Garland.

Earlier a very important agreement had been signed between Co Cork and the State of Maine at County Hall. Here in Goleen two communities met to celebrate the ancient bond between neighbours an ocean apart. We proudly call ourselves the last Parish before America and on this evening two neighbours Goleen and Maine came together with the hospitality we in West Cork are so proud of.

There is a closeness brought about through our collective histories and Michael Kingston Director of the Irish Cultural Centre in London and Special Advisor on Shipping, a son of this Parish and force behind this coming together  addressed a full house of smiling faces behind the bar of his Aunt’s Pub. There were eloquent stories told from both sides of the water of emigration and the past, ambitions for the future and hopes of closer ties between us all, songs were sung, poems read, toasts held and friends made long into the evening. It was a truly very special night and so generously hosted.

The Goleen Festival Presents Catherine Cunningham

The Goleen Summer Festival is delighted to announce that Singer/Songwriter and Story Teller Catherine Cunningham will open this year’s festival with a special concert at the Barleycove Hotel on Thursday 9th August at 8.30pm. Catherine is originally from Athea in West Limerick, she developed her sound while travelling in North America and finally returned to Ireland and discovered the delights of West Cork where she is now based.

She has been described as being as unpredictable as the roads she has travelled, her songs twist and unravel through the most unexpected of landscapes, to paint pictures and stories full of longing, humour and power. Mischievious and highly irreverent, her performances are intimate affairs, where the audience is regaled with songs and stories of the road.

Catherine will be performing material from her new show and 4th album “Bothering the Dead.”

Tickets will be available on the door or pre-booked from your local Community Councillor (€12)

It does snow in West Cork!

It’s a rare occurance but there was snow today, not enough to build a snowman but enough to get a few young at heart excited

A couple of us braved the weather and collected some manure for the Community Garden from Mary and her donkeys, with the snow not so much laying soft, crisp and even but hitting us horizontally in the face a top the mountain overlooking Crookhaven.