Growing the Community: Tree Planting Week

A Magnificent Hawthorn Tree in spring

The new Goleen Community Garden Scheme “Growing the Community” are having a Tree Planting Event at the Goleen & District Community Centre on Sunday 11th March as part of National Tree Planting Week. Eight native trees will be planted by representatives of all 8 districts as part of the new boundary hedge, which will act as protection against the wind and as a food resource for our local birds. Hawthorn (Whitethorn) is a native tree that provides blossom in spring and red haw berries in autumn and they will also be planting Crab Apples which many local birds adore. The event will take place at 2pm and all are invited to come along and show support.

The Community Garden were delighted when recently they were presented with an award by Energia and GIY to help start the garden and enable the community to plant food crops, ornamentals and a range of local native trees and plants. You can keep up to date with their plans and activities or become part of the scheme at their website


They also have an Audio Diary with regular updates from project co-ordinator Owen Kelly.