Liam’s Tales: A Trip Up The Mountain

6:05pm Got up here on what was beautiful evening after fab day bit of cool breeze but at same time twas pleasant evening up here.

June 23rd Saint John’s Eve people long ago would climb up here on that evening as sun was setting and kneel besides cross and say their prayers often heard my Father on about this twas still big thing when he was young God bless ‘em all now.

There is Holy Well at foot hill about 150 yards down and tradition back then you said decade Rosary as you climbed from Well to Cross and repeated this till all 5 decades said hill very steep here but they had path made winding sideways from all use still parts this visible to this day.

Years ago circle stones here around cross many them have fallen down but amazing thing cross has never moved Saint Ciaran’s Mother supposed be buried here not sure but think he was around at time Saint Patrick that’s going back long way.

6:21pm Have moved west further on hill get better view sunset its been long time since up here better make most of it God only knows when we here again

That’s Dunlough Bay in distance where sun disappears being when day here is done.

6:26pm such a beautiful clear sky would give us hope that another fine day on way in morning well suppose time will tell but it looks that way from here right now.

Have to say view from here on an evening like this makes all climbing worthwhile it’s just shame tidal stream not in full twud only add picture anyway we get that another time.

6:38pm Last peep of sun up here this evening as another day ends it’s been great day here and we now looks forwards to what next day brings us.

Bang in centre of Dunlough Bay sun sets this time years besides Stone Circle what wonderful view no doubt its great place be buried if only access was easier.

7:05pm As we make our way back via Ardsolough this view of Crookhaven with Fastnet Rock Light Beam getting stronger by minute as night air falls over place real chill about place as we move along.

Nearly 1am on what’s fine clear starry night outside not puff wind but cold air temp only 1c reckon they be lots frost before morning hope not.

That’s all so its bye for now and goodnite from here

Liam’s Tales: Crooks and Capers

Overall apart from being very cold day we had lots sunshine from about 11am – 4pm and you really notice heat from sun and bit thaw when it shines this time year its getting stronger every day and when this cold blast is over it won’t be long till things all normal again….

4:44pm View around Barleycove on this bitterly cold day temp then was 0c and got to 1.5c in or around 2pm…

Looking at this here this evening you just knew that lots more bad weather on way but hopefully in morning Storm Emma be long gone and things begin return to normal…

Not much snow here but cold and ice big problem heard of few places where water pipes frozen solid this big problem for farmers with housed cattle our house water also frozen but luckily good spring nearby bring in water in buckets for cooking its bit like going back in time this how people before us here managed years ago bless em all.

4:55pm Crookhaven on this bleak winters evening this great place get views sunrise from this time year woke last few mornings to come here but was afraid they might be ice on roads as temp at 7:15am was -5c this morning…

St. Brendan’s church where every Sunday at 8pm during months of July – August people come for prayers its lovely way spend evening with people you get see this time year and Hymn singing joy listen to. A thought just struck us wonder is there any stained glass windows here must check next time we call…

All quite in Harbour now but in summer time this place hive of activity notice that only the three anchors still in place where pontoon is during summer months…

Call down here few times most wks love it this time year as Brandy has plenty space run around its lovely place visit and good see that Crookhaven Inn has re-opened in past few wks we wish them well for season ahead…

This where my Aunt Hannie Griffin lives and sure with Crookhaven nearby you could not ask for better view. Brow Head in distance with tide in full on Cockle Strand water was splashing over wall at head harbour as we made our way up here….

Roads around Goleen in perfect order today but in few places near Schull not so good local shop owner had drive Schull meet bread van and supply his customers fair play to him for doing this its good see people doing things like this for good of community…

The Island of Cape Clear in background covered in snow just shows that mainland here got of lightly so far but that could change no doubt. Often heard years ago that St. Ciaran’s mother was born in Cape Clear and that she is buried on top hill here at home marked by granite slab with cross carved into it surrounded by stone circle and holy well about 100 yards below this at bottom hill… Often think that places like this should be open to public and let them share what we locals take for granted but I suppose twill never happen…

5:03pm Another day over our last look towards Crookhaven and Island of Cape Clear love the views from here especially seeing Cape covered in snow God knows might be years before this happens again.

10:20pm Snowing well outside right now with cold easterly breeze temp -1.5c but feels lots colder all we can do now is hope and pray that everyone is safe and these harsh conditions soon become only memory. House really cold have no fire as its central heating and pipes frozen so off bed we go so its bye for now and goodnite from here